Click the + button on the bottom left. Select "add non-steam games.". Select the emulators you've downloaded from Discover and hit "add these.". You will now see those emulators in the. Add non steam game. select browse and look for and select pcsx2 to add it into steam. Start pcsx2 from steam. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT! Here's how to use a Steam controller with Steam Deck. Head into Settings. Click Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on if it isn't already. On the Steam controller, hold down Y and the center button. Once. Suddenly, Retroarch will not recognize 'extra' steam deck buttons. It used to work but suddenly my Retroarch on Steam will not recognize the back paddles on the steam deck.Attempting to assign commands to them just doesn't work anymore. Any idea why that would happen? Vote. 2.. Feb 28, 2022 · First, I’m having more fun with the Steam Deck than any gadget I’ve tested in years. Using the Armory Crate, you can easily control the lightings of some of the latest ASUS products, including GPUs. Even though the Armoury Crate is one of the most superior applications for controlling RGB illuminations, you will still face issues like these which get very annoying.

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